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April 09, 2024
Riverview Land Preserve Leachate Treatment Plant

The City of Riverview will hold a public hearing on a proposed project plan for a Riverview
Land Preserve (RLP) Leachate Treatment Plant to address PFAS and other emerging pollutants.
The hearing will be held in person at 6:00 p.m. on April 25, 2024, at the following location:
Riverview City Hall, Council Chambers, 14100 Civic Park Drive, Riverview, MI 48193.

The proposed project plan will detail impacts to the environment, estimated costs and
associated construction costs. The proposed project plan will be available for public viewing
on the Riverview, Michigan ( homepage in “Public Notices” section (Here: Riverview Land Preserve Leachate Treatment Plant upgrade )and
in person at the following locations: Riverview City Hall, 14100 Civic Park Drive, Riverview,
MI 48193 and Riverview Veterans Memorial Library, 14300 Sibley Road, Riverview, MI
48193. Comments will be accepted beginning April 9, 2024. The public can comment on the
project plan and ask questions. Public comment shall close on the project plan on April 25,
2024. All public comment will be considered by City of Riverview. The public may comment
electronically to Electronic comments should be directed to
the Director of Solid Waste.
Comments in writing must be mailed to:
Riverview Land Preserve 
Attn: Director of Solid Waste
20863 Grange Road
Riverview, MI 48193
March 28, 2024

The regularly scheduled
Zoning Board of Appeals meeting
for Thursday, April 11, 2024
is cancelled due to
lack of an agenda item.

July 12, 2022
Code enforcement does not handle animal control calls:
Downriver Central Animal Control is contracted with the City of Riverview to handle all animal calls, such as;
*Animal At Large
*Welfare checks
*Lost or Found animals
March 08, 2022
"Millions of families got connected to the power of home internet through Comcast’s Internet Essentials (“IE”) program.  And now with the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (“ACP”), which launched on December 31st, we can work together to connect even more households to the life-changing tools they need to succeed in a digital world – and at NO cost to them!"
January 05, 2022
Great Lakes Water Authority WATER UPDATE about so called flushables costing all of us money, as it chokes up our water treatment systems. Video:

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