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Information about Riverview Land Preserve has moved!
We’re excited to welcome virtual visitors to Riverview Land Preserve’s (RLP) new website located at


  I’m Jeff Dobek, the City of Riverview’s new Assistant City Manager; and, I oversee the Land Preserve, which includes operations as well as working with the Downriver community and local residents. During my first few months in the new position I concentrated on improving operations, and now I’m eager to interact with our Downriver citizens and be a good neighbor.

  It’s a new year, and the new website platform is just one of the different and exciting things going on at RLP. While my team spends a lot of time managing waste materials, we’re making time to strengthen community partnerships and open lines of communications. We all are very committed to working with local communities and residents to help them understand the operations and local infrastructure benefits of a modern-day landfill.

 Downriver citizens can expect to see more communications about happenings at RLP in the coming months – some ideas are in the works, and some are active right now: 

  • Website – Our new website offers more real-time information and ways to connect with RLP.
  • Facebook – RLP’s newly launched Facebook page will help us show day-to-day activities at RLP. Please take a moment to connect with us
  • E-Newsletter – Each quarter, we will produce an e-newsletter to showcase recent events at RLP, key staff, and important information about the Land Preserve.
  • Staff – I’m not the only new employee around here. Check out the news section of our website to read more about our new Sales & Marketing Manager Jeff Kugelman.
  • Education Activities – RLP will serve as an educational resource for school and civic groups. Our facility should serve as a classroom. Whether it’s a school fieldtrip, a visit from a local Boy Scout Troop, or a one-on-one tour … it’s critical to our mission to help our youth learn first-hand about the importance of recycling at home and the role of landfills when it comes to managing waste.
  • Capital Investments – We’ll keep you in-the-know about important capital investments in equipment such as our new BOMAG Compactor, Liebherr Loader and Liebherr Bulldozer to support operations in 2020 and beyond.

To sum things up, we are going to be sharing a lot more about happenings at RLP, and we are going to spend more time getting to know customers like you and forming community partnerships. 


There is a lot more to Riverview Land Preserve – and my team of 30+ employees – than managing waste materials. That’s just the beginning of our story. 

Thank you again for checking out our new website!
Visit our website for updated information.

 Jeffrey Dobek



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