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Boards and Commissions

Boards and Commissions


One of the duties of the Riverview City Council is to appoint members of municipal boards, commissions, and advisory committees. The nominated appointees must have their nominations approved by majority vote of the Riverview City Council. 

In keeping with this mandate to open up the procedures of local government to all residents, please view the directory of municipal appointive boards and commissions below  All residents committed to preserving the vitality of our democratic institutions are urged to volunteer their services to one of these Board or Commissions whose effective operations depend so heavily upon enlightened citizen participation.

The City's Boards and Commission are charged with important work that can heavily impact residents. It is important that nominations are made based on a genuine desire to serve the residents and help make it a better place to live. Some boards and commissions are very technical and require members to be able to read and/or interpret regulations or laws. In every case, candidates must be able to function as a group in an open meeting forum while demonstrating respect for the citizens who attend meetings.

To be qualified to apply for a Board or Commission, you must be a registered voter who has been a City resident for at least one year. 

Commission/Board Application 

Ad Hoc Summerfest/Downriver Cruise Committee - Two (2) Volunteer Members from residents, businesses within city, service organization or corporate sponsors.

Beautification Commission  - Two (2) vacancies. Promotes a spirit of civic pride through residents and Business mtg on 2nd  Tues. monthly 6 PM.

Board of Review - (1 vacancy, ALTERNATE) terms expire January 1. Three year term. Board of Review must act upon any and all protests filed by taxpayers or taxing districts.  They have the responsibility to review and equalize assessments established by the assessor.

Board of Zoning Appeals and Adjustments  (2 alternate vacancies) Authorizes special approval of buildings and permits. Meets 2nd Thurs. monthly 7:30 PM.   Three year appointment.

Building Authority - 4 vacancies of 7 member commission.    Members acquire, furnish, own, improve, and operate and maintain building(s) for use by the City. Meets May and Oct 7 PM                                       

Economic Development Corporation and Brownfields Redevelopment Authority - (0 vacancy) a nine member panel  - encourages economic development and revitalization. Meet every other month on even-numbered months on the fourth Monday at 6 pm.

Library Commission - No vacancy establishes and maintains the public library including staffing and budget. Meets monthly on the third Thursday except July and August at 7:00 p.m.  Five year appointment

Local Officers Compensation Commission - 1 Vacancy - Determines the salary of all local elected officials. Meets January/February  2021 and odd years.  Five year appointment.

Parks and Recreation Commission  Four (4)  vacancies at this time of 11 member commission, two year terms expire July 31. Recommends programs for implementation. Meets 1st Wed. monthly 7 PM.

Planning Commission - 1 vacancy - Meets the first and third Thursday of each month at 7 PM, shall consider and advise the city council concerning the removal, location, widening, narrowing, vacating, abandonment, change of use, or extension of streets, alleys, grounds, open spaces, building, public utilities and terminals.

Retirement Board of Trustees:  One citizen-at-large vacancy -  Meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 4:00 PM. Due to the newly enacted ordinance #675 the new Retirement Board application form is available.  Training will be required of new appointees.

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