Public Works

Public Works

Fire Hydrant Flushing
Attention Residents:
The Riverview Fire Department is conducting its annual flushing and winterizing of fire hydrants
around town. While most residents will not notice anything unusual, some may have a brief
change in water pressure, and some may also have discoloration of the water. This should be
corrected by running the cold faucet for a few minutes until the water runs clear.
The neighborhoods west of Fort Street and north of Sibley have been completed. This week,
the northeast quadrant of the city (east of Fort St. and north of Sibley) will be flushed. The
neighborhoods south of Sibley and west of Fort St. (the Forest) will be addressed at the end of
this week with completion next week.

Click Here to Pay your Water Bill and Taxes On-Line
Now Accepting Credit Cards as a form of payment for Taxes and Water Bills on-line or at the Finance Counter. There is a 3% convenience fee (with a $2.00 minimum) that will appear as Point and Pay Convenience Fee on your credit card statement. The regular bill total will appear as City of Riverview on your credit card statement. If you choose not to accept the 3% convenience fee your transaction will not be completed and you will have to provide payment via a different means. We have a drop box located in the lobby of the Police Department that is open 24 hours a day. We honor postmarks if you choose to mail your check payment to us. And we have our Finance Counter that is open 9am-5pm M-F.

Automatic Water Bill Payment Form

Household Hazardous waste info


Curbside Yard Waste Collection 
Curbside yard waste pickup runs from April 1st through December 1st of every year. After December 1st, yard waste must be dropped off at the Riverview Land Preserve. Yard waste drop off at the Land Preserve is available year round. 

Department Responsibilities:

  • The Public Works Department provides 24 hour maintenance on all city streets, water and sewer mains and lift stations. It is responsible for snow plowing and drainage maintenance. The Department works with City engineering firms and manages the street reconstruction program. In addition, the City's tree maintenance, weed control and water resources programs are administered by Public Works.
  • The DPW performs vehicle preventative maintenance on all city owned vehicles, following a periodic schedule. Vehicle repair includes public safety vehicles, and DPW Equipment.
  • The Building Maintenance program is handled by the DPW, providing the general upkeep of the municipal building, as well as all city owned buildings.


The DPW has a highly skilled mechanic.
The Mechanic at the DPW is trained in the maintenance and repair of both gasoline and Diesel powered equipment. The mechanic handles all repairs from the routine oil change to changing out massive diesel engines in large trucks and fire engines.

Water quality is assured by careful monitoring
The staff works in conjunction with other departments and agencies to insure pure, safe drinking water for the Riverview Residents.

Project Planning Process Capital Improvements Program
Each year an updated version of the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is prepared which reflects proposed improvements over the ensuing five-year period. Once Council has prioritized prospective projects, those scheduled for the following year are authorized for feasibility study. At that point, the Engineering Department / DPW surveys the project areas, prepares preliminary designs, evaluates alternatives, holds a neighborhood meeting, and presents a recommendation to Council in the form of a feasibility report.


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