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December 07, 2018

CWA Going Door to Door

Volunteers from Clean Water Action Michigan (CWA) will be in our City over the next few months, going door-to-door to meet with residents and inform them of their activities. CWA volunteers will have photo identification from their organization with them.Our police department has been notified of these volunteers. If you have any questions, please contact them at (734) 281-4222.
Below is a link to the CWA website:

Read their letter to the City.

November 07, 2018

Are You a Veteran Facing Tax Foreclosure?

Today's PSA informs Veterans facing tax foreclosure that they are eligible to enter a payment plan with zero down payment.

Detail in this Youtube link: 
October 29, 2018

Dealing with Financial Stress?

Don't neglect your Mental Health. Our partners at Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority want to help!
Mental Health Counselors are available to offer assistance if you are facing a crisis.
Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority can be reached at: (800) 241-4949
Don’t lose your home to foreclosure; contact the Wayne County Treasurer's Office
Youtube link:

October 10, 2018

Tax Foreclosure Online Auction

The Wayne County Treasurer's Office has created a short tutorial video to assist taxpayers with registering and bidding for the Tax Foreclosure Online Auction.

Here is the Youtube link:
September 27, 2018

Online Tax Payment for Wayne County Taxes

The Wayne County Treasurer's Office has created a short tutorial video on how to make online payments for taxpayers.

Here is the YouTube link:
July 01, 2018

Residential Re-Inspection Program

Residential properties to be re-inspected under City-wide program
February 01, 2018

Don't flush "flushables"

Great Lakes Water Authority WATER UPDATE about so called flushables costing all of us money, as it chokes up our water treatment systems. Video:
January 25, 2018

Help for potholes

Wayne County has put out a flyer to report potholes on county roads only.
Click to download flyer
June 01, 2017

The City of Riverview’s goal is to continue the delivery of the highest quality water to all its customers by working closely with our supplier Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA). In addition, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality overseas the operation of municipal water systems.2017 Consumers’ Annual Report on Water Quality
January 20, 2017

I-75 Freeway Information

Link to the website for the Michigan Department of Transportation's (MDOT) information clearinghouse for the I-75 Rouge River repair operation.  Click here!


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