Police Department

Police Department

Prayers for Abigail Arias
Ofc. Abigail Arias support
 Members of the Riverview Police Department show their support for Abigail Arias - Officer 758's Cancer Fight.  Abigail is a 10 year old from Freeport Texas whose only wish was to be a police officer one day.  Currently she's not fighting bad guys, but cancer.  She has been diagnosed with a form of kidney cancer that has spread to her lungs and other organs.  The Riverview Police Department wants Abigail to know that her fight has extended far and wide including all the way up to Riverview Michigan.  Keep up the fight and we believe in miracles!  Officers are demonstrating the Llama salute in support, which incidentally is Sign Language for love.

#AbigailsReach  #StayRelentless (Facebook Abigail's Reach)

Riverview Police Department
14100 Civic Park Drive
Riverview, MI 48193-7600
Non-Emergency (734)281-4222
Emergency 911

Visit Registration Site
for City of Riverview, MI's Emergency Notification System.
The emergency alert system is capable of calling thousands of phones per minute, but we can't call your mobile
phone number, unless you provide it, also if you have an unlisted number, we will not have it in our database.
If you would like to be SMS texted to your phone or receive an email, then sign up using the registration site or you may also register by calling 1-866-484-3264 and request the type of notifications you would like.

The City of Riverview Police are here to protect and serve the public.

The Police Department staff is highly trained in:

  • Emergency response procedures
  • Crime Analysis


The Police Department employs 22 certified sworn officers who provide law enforcement services for the City of Riverview 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Police Department also employs an Animal Control Officer, and two civilian clerical employees help with our day to day operation.
The City Access MyGov website now has animal license lookup capabilities, by owner, license tag#, and address.

Chief of Police, Cliff Rosebaum, administers the Police Department and oversees their daily operations. The Police Department is comprised of two divisions:

  • Patrol Division
  • Detective Bureau

In addition to traditional police services, our department offers a Crime Prevention program.

RIPD is also partnered with the United Stated Drug Enforcement Administration to prevent the flow of controlled substances into our community!
ok2sayBadge3_450492_7OK 2 Say  is a program designed to empower Michigan students, parents, school personnel, community mental health service programs, and law enforcement to share and respond to student safety threats.

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City of Riverview
14100 Civic Park Drive
Riverview, MI 48193

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