Information Technology

Information Technology

The Information Technology department takes care of all computer systems, as well as telephones, copiers, routers, printers, cell phones, the local municipal cable television channel, as well as the Police, Fire department, Golf course, Land Fill, and the DPW computers and technologies. The City web site is currently maintained by the I.T. staff along with several other departments.

The Informational Technology department also investigates all technologies, to optimize work efficiency, as well as keeping the city up to date on current trends and preventing our technology from becoming wastefully outdated.

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Information Technology Department or Cable Deptarment, at
14100 Civic Park Drive
Riverview, Michigan 48193-7600

Mr. Kim Harper, Director of I.T.
Phone: (734) 281-4292 
 Video Cable Producer (734) 281-4237

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