Our 2018 Consumers’ Annual Report on water Quality provides the sources of our water, test results, and important information about water and health. We will notify you immediately if there is ever any reason for concern about our water.

  You will see as you review this report that your drinking water met or exceeded all government standards set for water quality and safety last year .The City of Riverview is proud of that fact.
  The City of Riverview’s goal is to continue the delivery of the highest quality water to all its customers by working closely with our supplier Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA). In addition, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality overseas the operation of municipal water systems.
  This report covers the last complete year (2018) of water service to our community.
MAYOR Andrew Swift - CITY COUNCIL Lynn M. Blanchette, James D. Trombley, Elmer E. Trombley, Tom Coffey, Bill J. Towle, Dean Workman , CITY MANAGER Douglas Drysdale.

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